We Design From the Inside Out

Our design philosophy starts with the chain. We engineer each conveyor from the inside out because it is the chain that effectively moves the material, not the trough. The chain makes the difference between achieving capacity rates or not meeting production goals, between effectively elevating material out of a ship or underground unloading station, or shutting down due to backflow and uneven material movement. The proper chain resists wear, it moves material in hostile environments, and it allows for nominal upset conditions rather than catastrophic failure. The right chain is the difference between consistent material movement or failure to convey product.


CDM Systems has set the industry standard in drag chain for over 40 years.

CDM Systems En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyor

CDM Systems has the experience to build a better Drag Chain Conveyor.

CDM Systems Drop-Forged Chain

CDM Systems delivers over 40 years of industry knowledge.

CDM Systems L-path En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyor Installation