En-Masse Conveyors

Advantages of En-Masse Drag Chain Conveying

CDM Media ComparisonEn-Masse Drag Chain Conveyors are the most efficient form of material handling for high volume conveying. In horizontal applications, the En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyor can handle up to 90% of the cross sectional area, resulting in a smaller piece of equipment to handle the same or greater capacities over other conveying technology. These chain conveyors also provide very efficient horsepower consumption keeping operating costs low. The En-Masse Conveyor is often known as the En-Masse Chain or Drag Conveyor, although very different in principle from a standard Drag Conveyor.

CDM conveyors can handle material in various arrangements: horizontal, inclined, vertical, L-path, Z-path and Loop; design is ideal for retro-fits, new applications and confined areas. The En-Masse Conveyor can handle extremely high capacities moving tons of material per hour over relatively great distances. Due to their heavy design these conveyors can handle materials ranging from Ash to Zinc, with inlet temperature up to 1000°F.

The Operating Principles of En-Masse Conveying

En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyor operation moves material using a skeletal chain flight through a rectangular section of material. The material is is conveyed by the motion imparted on the bottom surface of the trough by the chain and the shear friction between the particles conveyed.

This unique method of conveying bulk materials smoothly, gently and economically in a dust tight, AR steel casing, across planes and around bends is what makes the En-Masse Chain Conveyor the optimum selection for high-volume material handling. There is no internal disturbance or pressure on the material and the load can be discharged at any opening. See the live chain movement through the conveyor below.

En-Masse Conveying Applications

The principles of how and En-Masse Conveyor moves material makes it very effective for a wide range of applications. The CDM En-Masse Chain Conveyors effectively move material from Ash to Zinc, in indutrial sectors ranging from mining, to energy and utilities, to steel – light Ore, to chemical plants and more.