Bulk Material Handling Equipment for a Constantly Expanding Industry

Innovation, technology and science are the foundations of the biomass industry. By nature, a biomass business has many variables. To be profitable, you need your conveying systems to deliver feedstock and raw materials in a consistent, controlled, and reliable manner. We partner with you to design bulk material handling equipment that will deliver the results your specific operations demands.

Our engineering and design principles for conveying systems are founded in:

  • The science of material movement and bulk density.
  • The technology of optimum chain speed intersecting with acceptable chain pull.
  • The innovation of wear resistance and anti-corrosion techniques.

One real-world example of how we used our principles for conveying systems to overcome a processing challenge involves a power plant that needed to redesign its bulk material handling system for boiler biomass. The plant’s original system design was inefficient, created unexpected downtime, and added excessive production costs. CDM supplied two En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyors in an L-Path configuration. This improved layout of the plant’s conveying systems streamlined feedstock flow and improved safety and reliability, all while removing countless pieces of bulk material handling equipment from the operation.

Another example involves a utility company that uses farm waste to generate power and partners with a third-party to handle the ash from the burn process. The third party contracted CDM to provide conveying systems that could move the bulk material from the plant to a warehouse on a neighboring property, where it could be converted to fertilizer for resale. The goal of design was to provide the most durable conveying systems that could handle an abrasive product, operated with the least amount of HP and required minimal maintenance. Keeping this goal in mind, CDM provided a series of En-Masse Conveyors that allowed both parties to successfully leverage a lucrative revenue stream.

At CDM, we understand your R&D and operating needs as they relate to your conveying systems. Don’t settle for a simple bulk material handling equipment provider. Work with a true business partner. Work with CDM.

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