CDM Conveying Systems Withstand the Demands of Glass Manufacturing and Recycling

Put your trust in CDM’s material handling expertise and optimize your glass manufacturing handling process today. We have decades of experience with glass, cullet, and mixed batch, one of the most versatile manufactured materials that maintains a high quality when recycled and reused. We engineer conveying systems that move sand, soda ash, and limestone for virgin glass production. We also design and build conveyors that move cullet for the recycling, insulation and bottling industries.

Our conveying systems can handle the abrasive nature of the sand and the high temperatures near the melting furnace. We can move small volumes of material with our drag chain conveyors, or high volumes in a small footprint using En-Masse material handling principles. Whatever your application demands, CDM delivers with custom-designed conveying systems.

Options and Recommendations for Highly Abrasive Conveying


We advise using a chromium carbide wear plate to enhance the durability and longevity of material handling equipment in highly abrasive commodity applications. In CDM conveyors, this type of wear plate will commonly outlast 400 A.R.S. hardened plate by a ratio of 3-4 : 1. This helps significantly offset the initial cost in terms of overall cost of ownership, maintenance, durability and longevity.


The bottom / leading edge of the flights on the chain have a similar hard-surface weld, which minimizes chain wear and flight wear on the conveyor’s bottom plates. Minimal friction and abrasion of the product against the conveying system sidewalls result in only requiring the use of 400 A.R.S. This provides significant cost savings compared to using conveyors with chromium carbide.


Sidewall access ports are an optional item on our conveying systems. Compared to our conventional top/cover-mounted inspection doors, they provide easier access to the conveyors for inspection, clean-out, service, etc.


These ports do not replace inspection doors but are often added to allow our customers greater flexibility with their conveying systems. The ports are locked and only accessible when the system is shut down and locked out.

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