Conveyors Engineered for the Demands of Glass Manufacturing and Recycling

Glass is one of the most versatile and single country sourced of manufactured materials that maintains a high-quality when recycled and reused. CDM has decades worth of experience in glass, engineering conveyors for virgin glass production that convey the sand, soda ash, and limestone as well as designing and building the conveyors that move the cullet for recycle. Our conveyors can handle the high temperatures that are seen near the melting furnace and the abrasive nature of the sand. We can move small volumes of material in our drag chain design or high volumes in a small footprint using En-Masse principles. Your manufacturing process is optimized when you trust the material handling expertise of CDM.

Options for Highly Abrasive Conveying

CDM Systems Reinforced Drag Chain Conveyor for abrasive material conveying.

The use of a Chromium Carbide wear plate is recommended for durability and longevity of the equipment in highly abrasive commodity applications. This type of wear plate will commonly outlast 400 A.R.S. hardened plate by a rate of nearly 3 to 4 : 1 in CDM equipment. From an over-all cost of ownership, maintenance, durability and longevity standpoint the initial cost is significantly offset.

CDM Systems Reinforced Drop-Forged Chain and Chromium Carbide Wear Plate

The bottom / leading edge of the flights on the chain are provided with similar hard-surface weld which minimizes chain wear and flight wear on the conveyor bottom plates. The minimal friction and abrasion of the product on the conveyor sidewalls result in only requiring the use of 400 A.R.S. providing savings to the client when compared to chromium carbide.

Side access door on CDM Systems En-Masse Drag Conveyor for glass cullet application.

The “sidewall access port” is an optional item that provides easier access to the conveyor for inspection, clean-out, service, etc. compared to our conventional top/cover mounted inspection doors.

CDM Systems Inclined Drag Chain Conveyor

These ports do not replace inspection doors but are often provided to allow customer greater flexibility. The port is locked and only accessible when the conveyor is shut-down and locked out.

Application Review

CDM Glass Cullet Application Review PDF Fiberglass Manufacturer Reduces Maintenance Cost and Improves Operating Conditions with Drag Chain Conveyors to Handle Glass Cullet


A global fiberglass insulation manufacturer sought an improved method for handling glass cullet and batch. The screw and belt conveyors used in all of the North American plants to move glass and bulk material were causing excessive maintenance and housekeeping issues and the unplanned downtime was causing loss of production.