Reliable, 24/7 Drag Chain Conveyors Built for the Aggressive Demands of Power Generation Material Handling

CDM Heavy-Duty Drag Chain Conveyor

Power generation has proved to be a challenging operating environment in recent years. Regulation, emission controls, recent memory nuclear fears, and the challenge of storage with renewable power are all providing for increased variable operating conditions and rising costs. For these reasons your business must operate as efficiently as possible. Reliable material handling is one component of that efficiency.

Experience You Can Count On

  • Connecticut Light & Power
  • Covanta
  • Delano Energy
  • East Kentucky Power
  • Florida Light & Power
  • Hong Kong Power
  • Honolulu Power
  • Koda Energy
  • Powder River Power
  • SaskPower
  • Tampa Electric
  • Xcel Energy

Receiving, Distribution, Boiler Feed, Ash Handling

A CDM Drag Chain Conveyor is engineered with a durable drop-forged, case hardened chain assembly, A.R.S steel plate sealed housing, and high-temperature allowances exceeding 1,000 F when required. Each custom engineered conveyor will perform reliably even in the harshest of operating conditions because the chain and conveyor are designed for the application.

CDM Conveying System for Power Industry

  • Coal
  • Wood Waste
  • RDF
  • Litter
  • Other Fuels/Blends
  • Fly Ash
  • Bottom Ash



Engineered Material Handling Drag Chain Conveyors Optimize Material Handling

Cooling Ash Handling Conveyor System

CDM Cooling Ash Handling Conveyor System

These tailored conveyors are designed to cool ash as it comes off the bottom of the boiler in a large coal-fired utility. The unique design eliminated water cooled screw conveyors that were maintenance heavy and cause worker safety related issues. The inlets of the conveyors are designed to provide an air lock on the boiler by choking the inlet feed and maintaining a seal of material.


Fly Ash Handling

CDM High Temperature En-Masse Conveyor

Mechanical systems for handling fly ash are often the most economical to purchase and use electricity to operate vs. expensive compressed air dense or dilute phase pneumatic systems. Choosing a Drag Chain Conveyor to efficiently move high-volume fly ash in a sealed system helps support EPA Regulation Compliance. We have more than 40 years of experience working with Power Producers or E&C firms to design a complete material handling system.

  • Abrasion resistant chain and components
  • Shear pin roller chain drive sprockets for overload protection
  • Quick opening, tight shut-off stainless steel access doors
  • Air and dust-tight operation