Pulp and Paper

Your Business Depends on Consistent, Reliable Material Movement. Let it Run on CDM Chain

Only the strong survive in an industry founded on natural resources, challenged by environmental regulations, consolidated by global influences, and tattered by technology. The business analysis of every aspect of operations is important to your bottom line. Don’t let the conveyors that handle everything from your boiler feedstock to your raw and recycled materials fail your operational goals. CDM has worked in Pulp and Paper for 40 years. We design drag chain conveyors for the light and heavy- duty applications in your plant. From the bottom ash in your boiler, to the recycled material in your hydro-pulper the dependability and reliability of the conveyors in your plant can afford you consistent, positive returns on your investment.

Application Review

CDM Retrofits Existing Conveyor InstallationsPulp and Paper Mill Cuts Maintenance Costs and Improves Operations with Salt Cake Conveyor Redesign


A Pulp & Paper facility in Northwestern Pennsylvania had extensive issues with conveyor corrosion and subsequent failure on the salt cake handling system due to the corrosive vapor that was generated when the cake was introduced to a black liquor tank. The corrosion led to high maintenance requirements and frequent downtime due to corresponding failure.