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Reliable, 24/7 Drag Chain Conveyors Built for Aggressive Operations

CDM manufacturers conveyors for heavy-duty ash handling operations.

Conveyors Engineered for Process

  • Enclosed Drag Chain safely conveys bottom, fly, and economizer ash
  • Micro structure chain formula guarantees long life in harsh conditions
  • Engineered designs for OEM and E&C CCR compliant ash conveyors

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Ash Handling Application In Review

Power House Reduces Maintenance and Increases Efficiency with a Complete Coal and
Ash Handling System

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A power house in the northeastern part of North Dakota needed to upgrade their central heating system. The aging system was costly to operate due to high maintenance and lack of efficiency. See how the CDM ash handling system helped save hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in heating and maintenance costs within the first year.


Drop-Forged Chain
En-Masse Conveyor

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Material Handling Systems to Support Your CCR Requirements

The tailored conveyors shown below are designed to cool ash as it comes off the bottom of the boiler in a large coal-fired utility.

CDM Cooling Ash Handling Conveyor System
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Experience In Power

  • Connecticut Light & Power
  • Delano Energy
  • Florida Light & Power
  • Honolulu Power
  • Koda Energy
  • Sask Power
  • And Many More

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