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Customize Our Heavy-Duty Conveyor to Your Specific Application Needs

Drag Chain Conveyor Features and Components

Click the image below to see detailed features and components of the CDM Drag Chain Conveyor.

CDM En-Masse Features and Options



Custom Conveyor Options

Design your conveyor to fit your exact application needs, choose from the following custom options:

  • Abrasion resistant housing
  • Wear plates
  • Ceramic coating
  • Custom access panels
  • High-temp or abrasion resistant exterior paint
  • Many more

Get details on all available options to customize your conveyor:


Convey Horizontally, Vertically, on an Incline or an L-Path

A Drag Chain Conveyor not only affords an optimum 90% utilization of space; equating to a smaller conveyor moving higher volumes of material compared to other conveyor technologies, but also can move material in a variety of inclines. This layout flexibility comes from the wide range of flight types offered by CDM. Proper flight selection is key to conveying horizontally, on a degreed incline, or vertically.

Horizontal Drag Chain Conveyor Layout Inclined Drag Chain Conveyor Layout L-Path Drag Chain Conveyor Layout