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Effectively Moving Abrasive Materials Without Excessive Wear in the Mining Industry

Within the mining industry, a common factor in downtime is due to the abrasion that occurs when conveying harsh materials.

Plant maintenance is consistently trying to resolve the issues of equipment that is broken down and needs to be replaced due to this corrosion.

Economic pressures have also begun to impact the industry, placing importance on becoming more efficient and reducing maintenance expenditures.

In the Engineering & Mining Journal June issue article, “Addressing Metal Wear and Abrasion in Mining”, Steve Bowditch of ARC Efficiency and Protective Coatings, speaks on the effects of abrasive material on mining equipment, and how companies in the industry need to be more proactive in finding solutions to equipment wear and the associated downtime.

CDM Systems’ En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyor is designed from the inside out for each specific process, and is built for the demands of the mining industry; effectively handling material ranging from Ash to Zinc. The En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyor is designed to handle high heat, and abrasive applications – protecting your equipment from excessive wear and maintenance issues.

CDM Systems is the mining industry leader of conveying equipment. The En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyor has the ultimate durability, reliability, and strength to provide customers peace of mind for their conveying applications.

Contact us today to find out how CDM Systems and the En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyor can eliminate your mining challenges.


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