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CDM Systems delivers a complete line of Drop-Forged, case-hardened (60Rc) Conveyor Chains, from 102mm to 260mm pitch, along with multiple connector pin configurations (including custom fabricated) and flight attachments. All chain components combine to provide the most dependable conveying media on the market.

Our CrMn alloy allows us to achieve extremely high tensile strengths and hardness. This translates into increased life, wear resistance, durability and economic value.


CDM Drop-Forged Chain Link
  • Our core hardness for strength and ductility is set at 300-400 BHN — this exclusive formula offers high strength and wear resistance while providing a malleable core that prevents breakage.
  • Machined yokes provide a tight controlled fit between links.
  • Each link is individually pinned for ease of replacement.
  • Chain links are totally carburized to provide an effective case hardness of 550-650 BHN(60Rc) — the outer casing is hard for optimum wear resistance.
  • Chain link bores are machined to provide a full pin/bore bearing area for maximum strength.


As the primary component of a Drag Chain Conveyor, we know how important the Chain is to your process. That's why we've developed the strongest chain in the industry, our Drop-Forged Chain. Our exclusive formula guarantees a long lasting, durable chain.

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We offer a wide range of flight options to fit your exact process:

CDM chain flight configurations.


In-stock components available including:


CDM Symmetrical Drive Sprocket


CDM Terminal (Solid) Idler


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