High Volume Minerals Conveying E&MJ

En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyors are the Most Efficient Form of Material Handling for High Volume Operations

CDM Systems En-Masse Conveyor with Support Legs Installation

En-Masse Conveyors

  • Move 1,000 TPH with a single conveyor
  • Exclusive Drop-Forged, Case-Hardened Chain is engineered for ultimate strength and durability
  • Single conveyor or in-plant conveyor design layouts available
  • Drag Chain Conveyors are designed for transporting abrasive, high-temperature and fine particle materials
Watch video of the CDM Drop-Forged Chain moving through our Drag Chain Conveyor

The En-Masse Drag Chain Conveying Principle

  • Reduces the number of in-plant conveyors needed
  • Offers equipment standardization and reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced footprint over other conveying types
  • Layout configurations provide for horizontal, incline, or vertical conveying of material

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CDM Systems En-Masse Drag Conveyor System Installation