Improve Minerals Processing E&MJ

Drag Chain Conveyors Offer Operational Cost Savings

CDM Systems En-Masse Drag Conveyor System Installation


  • En-Masse conveying principle moves more than 1,000 TPH, reducing the number of in-plant conveyors
  • Exclusive chain formula is designed for superior strength and ductility offering long chain life, even in harsh operating conditions
  • Prevent processing bottlenecks with conveyors that are engineered for 24/7 operation
  • Reduce maintenance with conveyor component standardization
  • Convey horizontally, inclined for elevation, or vertically
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The Conveying Technology

  • The efficient utilization of space means a smaller footprint conveyor offers greater capacity over other conveying technologies
  • The En-Masse conveying principle reliably moves a wide range of minerals from granular to large particle
  • Sealed housing eliminates material loss
  • Inlet and outlet configurations allow for flow diverting
Watch video of the CDM Drop-Forged Chain moving through our Drag Chain Conveyor