Drag Chain Conveyors Engineered
for FeedstockBiomass

Heavy-Duty Drag Chain Conveyors Handle Bulk Material from Off-Load to Ash Collection

Your operation requires reliable material movement with minimal maintenance requirements and downtime. Our conveyors are designed to handle the abrasiveness and variability of your feedstock, and the high-temperature
of ash.

Drag Chain Conveyor

Our Drag Chain Conveyors Support Your Productivity:

  • Engineered for corrosive, harsh and variable feedstock conveying
  • Exclusive chain formula - long-life and increased uptime
  • Chain and flight design selected for each unique application
  • Flight spacing in chain design engineered for optimum material movement with feedstock variability
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Our Exclusive Chain Formula

CDM Drop-Forged Chain Link
  • Our core hardness for strength and ductility is set at 300-400 BHN — this exclusive formula offers high strength and wear resistance while providing a malleable core that prevents breakage.
  • Optimum hardness and ductility provides the most durable and longest-lasting chain in the industry.

To prove our chain formula is superior to others, we submitted to an independent study. Click below to see the results.

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Application Experience

Utility Uses Farm Waste to Generate Power and Capitalizes on Revenue Streams


CDM was contracted to provide a layout, conveyors, drives, structural steel towers and catwalk trusses for approx. 500 ft. of the conveying distance. Total conveying distance of the product is approximately 600 ft. Conveyors were designed at a rate of 20 TPH of Ash. In the event of boiler failure the conveyors are also required to handle the unburned fuel at a rate that exceeds 20 TPH.


Drop-Forged Chain
En-Masse Conveyor

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