Drag Chain Conveyor Features Optimize Material HandlingPE

Improve Coal, Biomass Feedstock, and Ash Conveying

CDM Self-Supporting Drive Assembly

Conveyors Engineered for Reliability and Low Cost of Ownership

  • Enclosed Drag Chain Conveyors move a range of boiler feed material and ash:
    • Up to 1,000° F
    • Wet slurries
    • Harsh, abrasive materials
    • Large particle or fine powder
  • Abrasion resistant housing designed for heavy-duty, high temperature, and corrosive conveying applications
  • Micro structure chain formula guarantees long life in harsh conditions

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Drag Chain Conveyor Features

The CDM Drag Chain and En-Masse Conveyors are equipped with engineered features that improve safety, reduce maintenance and provide low cost of ownership. Here are a few of the conveyor features:

Direct Mount Drive Assemblies

Direct Mount Drive Assembly

Drive assembly is self-supporting and mounted to the conveyor, virtually eliminating failure from catastrophic stress breakage.

Slide Gates

Slide Gates

Our slide gates are designed and built to fit any conveyor. We offer a high quality valve at a competitive price point.

Inspection Doors

Inspection Door

Provide easy access to the conveyor for inspection, clean-out, and service resulting in less maintenance compared to conventional top/cover-mounted inspection doors.

See all Drag Chain Conveyor features and options:

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Drag Chain Conveying Systems

Combine the exact conveyor options and layouts you need to fit your application.

Read CDM's Application Reviews for details on custom conveyor systems:

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Experience In Power

  • Connecticut Light & Power
  • Delano Energy
  • Florida Light & Power
  • Honolulu Power
  • Koda Energy
  • Sask Power
  • And Many More

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