Drag Chain Conveyor Features Optimize Material HandlingEMJ

Improve Mineral and Ash Conveying

CDM Self-Supporting Drive Assembly

Conveyors Engineered for Reliability and Low Cost of Ownership

  • Enclosed Drag Chain Conveyors move a range of minerals and ash:
    • Up to 1,000° F
    • Harsh, abrasive materials
    • Large particle or fine powder
  • Abrasion resistant housing designed for heavy-duty, high temperature, and corrosive conveying applications
  • Micro structure chain formula guarantees long life in harsh conditions

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Drag Chain Conveyor Features

The CDM Drag Chain and En-Masse Conveyors are equipped with engineered features that improve safety, reduce maintenance and provide low cost of ownership. Here are a few of the conveyor features:

Direct Mount Drive Assemblies

Direct Mount Drive Assembly

Drive assembly is self-supporting and mounted to the conveyor, virtually eliminating failure from catastrophic stress breakage.

Slide Gates

Slide Gates

Our slide gates are designed and built to fit any conveyor. We offer a high quality valve at a competitive price point.

Inspection Doors

Inspection Door

Provide easy access to the conveyor for inspection, clean-out, and service resulting in less maintenance compared to conventional top/cover-mounted inspection doors.

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Application In Review

Potash Producer Realizes Operating Savings through Conveying Equipment Standardization

A global Potash mining and processing company planned for a major expansion at an existing facility in Saskatchewan, Canada along with a new processing plant adjacent to the existing operation. The expansion and new construction would double the capacity of the Potash producer. The expansion was needed to meet the increasing global demand for the Potassium-based lot, used mainly in fertilizers. The CDM objective is to design and build the most suitable equipment for the application and provide the lowest total cost of ownership to clients. The EPC contractor and potash producer realized quantifiable savings though the TCO design approach.



Drag Chain Conveying Systems

Combine the exact conveyor options and layouts you need to fit your application.

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