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Potash Producer
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Help plan for a major expansion at an existing facility along with a new processing plant adjacent to the existing operation. The expansion was needed to meet the increasing global demand.


Potash Producer




En-Masse Conveying Affords Many Advantages over Other Types of Conveying Technologies

  • Totally Enclosed – Mitigate dusting, keep plant clean and safe, and protect product integrity.
  • High Temperature – Our conveyor can handle operating temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Layout Configurations – From intermediate discharge points, to L & Z-Path configurations, our En-Masse Conveyor offers cost-effective layout options.
  • Speed & Operation – The En-Masse conveying principle moves large volumes of material at low operating speed. This means there is minimal product degradation during the conveying process.
  • Small Footprint – Unlike other conveying types, En-Masse has efficient use of space-to-capacity ratio.
  • Low Maintenance – Only two lubrication points. This completely bolted construction makes access easy and replaceable wear items quick and safe.
  • Standardization – CDM conveyors can handle capacities from 1 TPH to +1500 TPH and provide standardization on key components.
  • Long Life – Dry Potash conveyors, depending upon application, will provide 4 to 10 years of operating on a single chain.

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