Heavy-Duty Drag ConveyorPwr

Reliable Material Transfer for Renewable, Fossil and Ash

CDM Self-Supporting En-Masse Drag Conveyor

Conveyors Engineered for Process

  • Enclosed Drag Chain Conveyor safely conveys the following materials:
    • Biomass feedstock
    • Coal, or other dry fossil fuel for storage
    • Boiler feed
    • Bottom, fly, and economizer ash
  • Abrasion resistant housing designed for heavy-duty, high temperature, and corrosive conveying applications
  • Low maintenance
  • Micro structure chain formula guarantees long life in harsh conditions

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Ash Handling Application In Review

Utility Uses Farm Waste to Generate Power and Capitalizes on Revenue Streams

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CDM was contracted to provide a layout, conveyors, drives, structural steel towers and catwalk trusses for approx. 500 ft. of the conveying distance. Total conveying distance of the product is approximately 600 ft. Conveyors were designed at a rate of 20 TPH of Ash. In the event of boiler failure the conveyors are also required to handle the unburned fuel at a rate that exceeds 20 TPH.


Drop-Forged Chain
En-Masse Conveyor

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Chain Analysis Reveals Why Formula Matters

The data presented below are the results of an independent lab chemical analysis. The analysis was performed using 10 different industry available drag chains currently selling in the industrial market. Of the 10, we show 6 here because 4 were not even alloy steel making them an unequal comparison to the CDM Systems Chain Formula. The 6 manufacturer’s chain assemblies that use an alloy steel are shown below.

Chemical Analysis and Micro Structure Testing of Various 142MM Pitch Chains


Core Hardness (BHN):300-400300-400300-400415300-400355
Case Hardness (BHN):550-650550-650550-600535500-550550-650
Effective Depth of Case:.

The Chain Formulation Means the Difference Between Potential Catastrophic Failure and Operating Long-Term at Full Capacity

The most important feature of any drag chain formula is the effective case hardness depth. Once this case is worn through, elongation will accelerate and become a significant factor in maintenance. However, case depth is not unlimited and not the only factor in building a strong chain. The right formula or case hardness and ductility are critical. Too hard, as with a depth noted above of .055 and the ductility and impact resistance will be compromised and cause failures.



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Experience In Power

  • Connecticut Light & Power
  • Delano Energy
  • Florida Light & Power
  • Honolulu Power
  • Koda Energy
  • Sask Power
  • And Many More

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