Drop-Forged, Case-Hardened Drag Chain E&MJ

A Better Conveyor Starts with a Strong Chain

CDM Chain

Our exclusive formula provides reliability and longevity in every conveyor.


  • Proven formula of malleable core and case hardness affords optimum chain strength
  • Chain links are carburized to 550-650 BHN
  • Machined yokes provide tight, controlled fit between links

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Application Review: Potash Producer

Potash Producer Realizes Operating Savings through Conveying Equipment Standardization


A global Potash mining and processing company planned for a major expansion at an existing facility in Saskatchewan, Canada along with a new processing plant adjacent to the existing operation. The expansion and new construction would double the capacity of the Potash producer. The expansion was needed to meet the increasing global demand for the Potassium-based lot, used mainly in fertilizers.

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