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How an En-Masse Drag Conveyor Can Reduce Maintenance Costs for the Fiberglass Industry

A global fiberglass insulation manufacturer was having issues with misapplied conveyors for handling glass cullet. The issues caused increased housekeeping and maintenance problems, while reducing production output. The manufacturer was using belt conveyors for material that had to move greater than 30 feet, and a screw conveyor for shorter distances. The highly abrasive nature of the material was hard on […]

Case Study: Glass Cullet

Fiberglass Manufacturer Reduces Maintenance Cost and Improves Operating Conditions with Drag Chain Conveyors CHALLENGE A global fiberglass insulation manufacturer sought an improved method for handling glass cullet and batch. The screw and belt conveyors used in all of the North American plants to move glass and bulk material were causing excessive maintenance and housekeeping issues and the unplanned […]