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“Adapt or Die”? Try “Optimize and Thrive”

An article in the June 2017 edition of Engineering and Mining Journal stated that the mining industry has had to adapt to stay competitive due to declining material grade and low commodity prices, among other factors.

Typically, when someone uses the word “adapt” in a business context, they follow it with “or die.” That’s a rather draconian way of saying you need to make changes to stay successful, or close up shop.

At CDM, we don’t concede defeat. Our mission is to solve your biggest problems, not shy away from them. That’s why we don’t say “adapt or die.” We say “optimize and thrive.” Whether you need us to implement a new system or retrofit your existing equipment, we’re confident we can help you get the most from your material handling systems in the challenging mining and minerals industry.

En-Masse is the Answer

The E&MJ article went on to identify three general ways mining companies can respond to their industry’s inherent challenges:

  • Expand capacity
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase productivity

En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyors address each of these opportunities to optimize your mining operation. Compared to other conveying types, En-Masse offers advantages for coal, ash, zinc and potash handling:Adapt or Die”? Try “Optimize and Thrive” |

  • Increased throughput in a smaller footprint
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Effective operation over long distances in any configuration

The En-Masse Conveying principle is based on material movement using a skeletal chain and flight assembly that is drawn along the bottom section of an enclosed housing. The figure below illustrates the use of conveying space in common conveyor types.

Move More in Any Direction

En-Masse Conveying Technology is designed to handle high volumes of materials, such as coal, in a relatively small amount of space. A single conveyor is capable of moving in excess of 1,500 TPH using a much smaller drive and a chain formula designed to withstand low-speed/high-torque applications. This operation lowers costs and delivers a quicker ROI by increasing the longevity of the conveyor and reducing the need for replacement parts.

An En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyor can also effectively move material vertically as well as horizontally. Mineral suppliers understand the importance of effectively moving material from ship or rail to distribution and in-plant processing. Configured in an incline, an En-Masse Conveyor can serve as a truck or rail car receiving conveyor while delivering all of the En-Masse benefits:

  • More capacity
  • Greater efficiency
  • Better space utilization
  • Less material degradation

Because they’re totally enclosed, En-Masse Conveyors minimize material loss and control dust to increase safety in any application; both contribute favorably to an operation’s bottom line.

Impressive ROI

As an example of the results our En-Masse Systems can generate, a university in North Dakota needed an efficient material handling system for coal and ash as part of an upgrade to its central heating system. After the first year of operation, university officials stated that the CDM systems contributed to six-figure savings in heating costs, outperforming expectations and projected to come in under the five-year ROI target. The En-Masse drag conveyors also had zero unplanned downtime and only required routine inspections, achieving the goal of reduced maintenance costs.

CDM has decades of expertise in designing conveying systems for mining and minerals processing applications. We engineer each conveyor to order, selecting the ideal chain and flight assembly, the layout that best suits the application and capacity requirements, and the necessary corrosion resistance and accessories for 24/7 operation and ease of maintenance.

Regardless of the material type, any bulk commodity distribution and processing operation can be “optimized to thrive” with CDM En-Masse Systems.


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