Long-Lasting Equipment

Long-Lasting Equipment

The long lifespan of our equipment is what makes the decision to go with CDM cost-effective. Our equipment is custom-made to handle whatever tough conditions your facility throws at it. When other manufacturers’ equipment eventually fails over time, CDM’s will still be standing.

Our work stands the test of time.
We have equipment still operating in the field after

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Pulp and Paper Mill Earns ROI
in Less Than 12 Months

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“Based on longevity alone, the CDM product has been far superior to other equipment.”

– Richard P., Maintenance Superintendent, Grain Industry

Staff Expertise

There’s no substitute for experience. Our decades of knowledge help us determine the right specs for your project and ensure the finished product is optimized for your facility.

We’ve seen just about everything.
The average industry experience for CDM employees is

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CDM’s Experience Gets Results
for Fiberglass Manufacturer

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“This company has good people working in their office and their outside sales department.”

– Arnie K., Branch Manager, Grain/Potash Industry

Custom-Built Solutions

We’re proud of each piece of equipment we manufacture because every piece is custom-built to fit specific customer needs. Our experience and attention-to-detail ensures what you want is what you get.

We get things right the first time.
In the past two decades, we’re proud we’ve had less than

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Potash Producer Realizes Operating Savings with CDM

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“From the design of the conveyors to match the volume and tonnage requirements, and the timely fabrication and delivery, CDM did a fantastic job on our project.”

– Stacy C., VP and General Manager, Heat and Biomass Industry


It’s our mission to provide our customers with superior equipment and service, and we have 96% customer satisfaction rate.

Our record speaks for itself.
Since 2006, we’ve earned more than

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Better Conveyor Design Helps Boost Coal Powered Utility Plant

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“CDM always puts the customer’s needs first and makes sure they get the correct part the first time.”

– Jared S., Technical Service/Sales Representative, Mining/Fertilizer Industry

Take Charge of Your Bulk Material Handling Operation with CDM:

Designed Specifically for You

“The CDM team has always been very accommodating to our ideas for modification and retrofits to existing equipment as well as design of new equipment.”

- Richard P.,
Maintenance Superintendent,
Grain Industry

We Do Things the Right Way

“Being an industrial distributor, I deal with many material handling companies. CDM is by far the best I have dealt with in my career.”

- Jared S.,
Technical Service/Sales Representative,
Mining/Fertilizer Industry

Equipment Made by Experts

“CDM equipment has a reputation in our industry of being dependable and well-built.”

- Devon G.
Mechanical Designer/Engineer,
Potash/EPC Industry