CDM Systems Drag Conveyors – Features and Benefits Our Competitors Overlook

While each CDM conveyor is designed and built on a per-suit / per-application basis, we include certain features with nearly all of our equipment. These features allow us to achieve our objective to provide our customers with material handling solutions that not only exceed their expectations for performance but also enable ease of maintenance, fast replacement of normal wear items, and a design that mitigates the need for both.

Unfortunately, they are almost always overlooked when competing proposals are reviewed, evaluated, and awarded. Features that provide increased longevity, improved observation and access, safeguards to prevent or minimize damage due to upset conditions, and safe, easy access for preventative maintenance of normal wear items should always be considered in a material handling equipment selection. At CDM, we include these features to add value, reduce maintenance costs, and improve safety. That’s how we’re able to continually raise the bar and set new standards for conveyor manufacturing.