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CDM Systems Screw Conveyor Video

CDM. When Moving Material Matters.

Suitable application of materials is important. That’s why our Metering Bin Screw Conveyors are constructed with high-quality materials specifically suited for your application, whether that’s carbon steel, abrasion resistant steel or various grades of stainless steels. We will also tailor the equipment configuration to your application. Horizontal and incline options will be considered to best fit your needs.

Our feed hopper/surge bins are designed to match your feed method and material handled. The variable pitch screw flighting along the hopper bottom and the slope angle of the bin walls are carefully designed to ensure proper and complete product flow. Open top and enclosed bins are available to meet your needs. CDM can provide access doors and a wide range of sensing equipment to ensure seamless integration to your process.

CDM will provide the ideal screw arrangement for your needs. Flighting offered in sectional, ribbon, variable pitch, cone and shaftless arrangements.

Single or multiple screw arrangements are available based upon application.

Troughing in Standard U, flared, tubular, squared or custom designed profiles.

CDM has variable speed drives for multiple feed rates to downstream processes. We supply either single or multiple drive arrangements.

Visit our website or contact us today to request a quote for a custom-made screw conveyor built with the industry’s most rugged, reliable components.