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How an En-Masse Drag Conveyor Can Reduce Maintenance Costs for the Fiberglass Industry

A global fiberglass insulation manufacturer was having issues with misapplied conveyors for handling glass cullet. The issues caused increased housekeeping and maintenance problems, while reducing production output.

The manufacturer was using belt conveyors for material that had to move greater than 30 feet, and a screw conveyor for shorter distances. The highly abrasive nature of the material was hard on the screw conveyors and caused them to be extremely costly, and only provided 18 to 24 months between service in the applications.

The Fiberglass manufacturer was made the decision to try a different method of conveyance, and they reached out to CDM Systems. Upon review of the application, installation location, and material CDM Systems proposed a reinforced En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyor to replace the screw conveyor.

The manufacturer was initially skeptical of the En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyor due to the application location space that was available, the conveyor was required to meter the product feed, and the course cullet was difficult to handle and batch.

Regardless of these concerns, CDM Systems was able to engineer the En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyor to meter the flow from the bin while providing minimal extension beyond the inlet due to structural limitations. They also provided the Fiberglass manufacturer the reuse of existing structural mounting locations, which helped reduce installation costs.

The En-Masse Conveyor has now been in operation for over 10 years at this facility. A time span that would have required a screw conveyor replacement 4-5 times. Now, that’s a pretty substantial return on investment!

Read our full Application Review to learn how the En-Masse Drag Conveyor helped this Fiberglass manufacturer realize amazing business results.


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