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How Is QA/QC Handled When Every Project Is Custom-Made?

Quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) have always been a priority for CDM. However, we’ve seen a strong trend over the past decade in the requirements from clients associated with QA/QC – especially in capital projects.

At CDM, our QA/QC procedure never changes, but the product is different because everything is made-to-order. That means whether it’s a screw conveyor versus a bucket elevator or even comparing two separate drag conveyors, there is no standard specifications for us to adhere to.

That means different alignment, dimensional verification, tolerances, material specifications, etc. Because of this, you have to be aware of the differences and unique attributes of each individual project.

And that starts from the beginning.

When materials arrive, we do QA/QC checks to make sure the chemistry and thickness specifications match what we ordered for your project. After they pass that check, the materials for your project are separated from all other projects. That way materials aren’t mixed up.

From there, the QA/QC dossier follows a project throughout:

  • During fabrication, we have a Certified Welding Instructor (CWI) making sure right procedures are being followed and verifying the quality of the welds.
  • Dimensional verification is addressed by the project manager during prepaint assembly.
  • When the project is ready for sandblasting and painting, we have a paint ship manager assuring proper color, thickness and materials are being adhered to.
  • When the equipment is being sandblasted, we record every detail about it: temperature, humidity, media used, surface profile, etc.
  • Final QA/QC is done by the project manager.

For a more visual look into our QA/QC process, take a peek behind the scenes and see how a project is run from start-to-finish with our How It’s Made video.



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