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Mobile Marine Legs Provide Safe, Reliable Off-Load and Operating Cost Savings

Elk River, MN – Mobile Marine Legs from CDM Systems, Inc., couple the benefits of high capacity, efficiency, and durability of the En-Masse conveying principles with the versatility of un-loading mobility.

These features produce the most effective equipment for port or river bulk cargo unloading. Single-leg Mobile Marine Unloaders provide peek digging capacities from 150 to 700 MTPH. Mobile Marine Legs require less capital investment than stationary unloaders because there is no dock or auxiliary structural tower supports required.

The use of multiple Mobile Marine Leg Unloaders offer optimum efficiency by minimizing vessel shifting and provide even draft displacement draw-down.

CDM En-Masses Marine Legs offer the flexibility of bulk material un-loading in a vertical or inclined configuration. Conventional Belt/Bucket Unloaders operate best in a vertical position since misalignment or lateral movement will cause the buckets to spill, thereby losing average hourly rates. Lateral misalignment can also cause belt tracking problems that will initiate premature wear.

In severe cases, this wear friction can result in high temperature generation within the leg that can be an ignition source and can cause fire. The CDM En-Masse Marine legs are designed with a positive sprocket engagement along with a single worm gear jack for periodic chain tension. This engineered design makes the CDM En-Masse Marine Leg safe and reliable for marine bulk unloading applications.

The En-Masse operating concept affords low energy consumption at 90 – 95% fill efficiency. This efficiency is derived from a continuous column of conveying media, resulting in a smaller piece of equipment capable of handling larger hourly rates. The high operating efficiency also offers lower operating speeds and equivalent capacities when compared to belt/bucket style legs.