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Replacement Drag Chain Provides Utilities and Processors a Cost-Effective Method of Conveyor Upgrade

Elk River, MN – CDM Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of heavy-duty engineered En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyors for more than 40 years, offers replacement drag chain assemblies for all types of en-masse and chain drag type conveyors.

The replacement chain is designed and built to the specifications of the existing conveyor and the material conveyed. The chain and flight assembly is an exclusive CDM design; the industry standard for heavy-duty, durable conveyor chain and flights.

“The design and manufacture of our chain and flights is for durability and conveying reliability. The drop-forged, case-hardened chain is made of CrMn alloy and provides a very high tensile strength. This means the chain will last a very long time in a harsh 24/7 operating environment,” explains Andrew Parker, CDM Systems Vice President.

CDM En-Masse Drag Chain is the workhorse in minerals processing, power and utilities, ship and rail load/off-load, chemical processing, and more. The en-masse operating principle is the most efficient for moving large volumes of material, handling everything from fly and bottom ash, to limestone, silica, potash, and many other dry or slurry type materials.

“Our replacement drag chain assemblies are designed for each application. The flight type is selected for optimum material movement and carrying capacity. The assemblies come in easy-to-install sections that will fit into the existing conveyor housing. We have replaced a lot of other manufacturers’ chain because of high failure rates and unexpected downtime. Most utilities and manufacturers cannot afford downtime and unplanned maintenance. Our chain provides the performance they demand,” notes Parker.

CDM manufacturers En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyors and replacement chain assemblies in northern Minnesota. They also ship replacement chain all over the world. The location gives the company the ability to serve Canada and the Pacific Northwest easily with minimal transportation time and cost.