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Align Fertilizer Conveyor Demands Between Components and Material Composition

The fertilizer industry is a high-stakes business that is seeing a continually increasing value put on its core commodity, while trying to manage increasing production demands. With fertilizer manufacturers under pressure to ramp up output volumes, this billion-dollar industry is facing a growing strain on existing operations and its equipment. High-Stakes Fertilizer With potash at a per-ton cost of $383 as […]

The Number One Factor That Can Cause Screw Conveyor Downtime

In any manufacturing or production operation, one of the biggest variables in calculating reliable profit projections is the constant reality of downtime and the related financial costs. While the exact number depends on the specific business and industry, an International Society of Automation study estimates that downtime costs the manufacturing industry nearly $650 billion each year. Ignoring the financial cost of […]

4 Ways CDM Solves One of the Biggest Challenges in the Fertilizer Industry

Every industry faces challenges. For the global fertilizer industry, expansion and demand are not on the list of business concerns. Some analysts estimate a 14% annual growth rate, which would translate to an expected annual market value of $1.88 billion by 2020. This is partially due to the excessive use (and misuse) of chemical fertilizers over the past several decades […]

(Almost) Everything You Wanted to Know About Bucket Elevators

“What goes up must come down” is a quote (attributed to Isaac Newton) and a concept (the law of gravity) that most people are familiar with. When applied to conveying material, the second part should be adjusted to: “What goes up probably needs a bucket elevator.” One of the many types of bulk material handling equipment offered by CDM Systems, […]

The Life Rule That Doesn’t Always Apply to Conveying Material

At some point, everyone learns that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes is credited with first articulating this concept, which has since become not only an accepted geometric fact when applied to flat surfaces or planes, but a general rule of life. However, his statement doesn’t necessarily hold true in every […]

The One Conveyor You Shouldn’t Use to Handle Frac Sand

Economists, analysts and American citizens are seeing a welcome resurgence in U.S. manufacturing in recent years, a phenomenon that some energy industry entities are connecting to hydraulic fracturing (or fracking). One of them is Energy In Depth (EID), an organization dedicated to communicating the benefits of responsibly developing America’s onshore energy resources – especially oil and natural gas extracted by […]

Don’t Get a Pickup When You Need a Sports Car (Or Vice Versa)

There are many similarities between a pickup truck and a high-performance sports car. Both have engines, both have four wheels, and both can go 100 miles per hour. The biggest difference between them is this: one can reach and maintain that speed easily, while the other will eventually break down because it’s not designed and built for the task. Similar […]

4 Equipment Safeguards That Can Minimize Your Explosion Risk

It should come as no surprise that fires and explosions cost companies billions of dollars each year. Lost productivity, the cost of repairing or replacing damaged or destroyed equipment, settling lawsuits originating from employee injuries or deaths – it all contributes to the total. Industrial operations that handle materials such as grain, sulfur, oil and gas, biomass, and wood pellets […]

For Safer Operations, Enclosed Conveyors Are the Way to Go

The issue of workplace safety is becoming increasingly significant for today’s industrial and manufacturing operations. A recent Travelers Insurance injury impact report states that material handling incidents caused 37% of injuries in manufacturing from 2010 to 2014, and those injuries accounted for 32% of total workers’ compensation claims. In its 2016 Workplace Safety Index, Liberty Mutual Insurance reports that injuries […]