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Solving the Industry’s Biggest, Most Complex Conveying Problems

CDM delivers custom-engineered systems to address every challenge in the Mining Industry

CDM was started more than 40 years ago with a mission to provide our clients with the longest lasting, most efficient conveyor systems for their specific applications. 

We have developed a balance in housing design, chain selection, speed and flight style to provide maximum productivity and durability. 

Today our systems offer solutions to the bulk material-handling problems that face our global customer base. We will deliver unmatched durability and measurable value for even the most aggressive material handling applications. 

We understand there is no one-solution-fits-all approach to creating a conveying system. Prior to generating specs for any project, we work directly with our customers to thoroughly understand their unique material handling needs. We can then recommend a custom-engineered system that often lasts up to three times as long as competing equipment.

En-Masse Conveyors

Our en-masse conveyors deliver the most efficient material handling approach for a wide range of industrial sectors. From mining, energy and utilities to steel, light ore, chemical plants and more, a CDM en-masse conveyor can easily accommodate 24/7/365 operations handling the most challenging materials.

Recognized as the best option for high-volume material handling with minimal degradation, CDM en-masse conveyors can move bulk materials from horizontal through vertical in abrasion-resistant steel housing. There is minimal internal disturbance or pressure on the material and the load can be provided with multiple discharges.

Our exclusive chain formula allows a balance, offering high strength and wear resistance while providing a malleable core that prevents breakage. This chain metallurgy makes our conveyors the most effective way to move harsh, caustic, corrosive and abrasive materials with inlet temperatures up to 1000°F. 

Screw Conveyors

Used in almost every industry in thousands of applications, CDM screw conveyors can handle a wide variety of bulk materials. These versatile conveyors can also be used to blend, meter or break up materials. 

While Screw conveyors are a common selection for thousands of industrial and manufacturing applications that require an efficient, cost-effective way to move bulk materials, there are still many variables to consider when electing to adopt a new system. We specialize in selecting the correct screw and trough design, and construction materials, in order to achieve the best possible results.

CDM understands every conveying system has a distinct challenge that involves environment, material properties, hourly capacities and operating hours. Our screw conveyors can be configured as a single- or multiple-screw type, depending on the required feed rate and hopper design.

Bucket Elevators

CDM bucket elevators are ideal for applications that require vertical conveying. Whether centrifugal or continuous discharge, our elevators are capable of high volumes with high lift. All bucket elevators are not created equal. The commodity you are handling and the speed required are among several aspects of your application that will influence bucket elevator selection.

The decision between a belt bucket elevator or a chain bucket elevator typically depends on product characteristics, capacity, conveying height and budget. With either type of equipment, you can count on CDM to deliver a bucket elevator that’s built with the industry’s most rugged, reliable components.


About CDM

The CDM story is about recognizing every industrial operation is different, as are their conveying challenges. A custom-engineered conveying system is a cost-effective approach to any operation willing to look at the value of having a partner who is vested in your success and one who stands by their product. CDM has earned more than 91 percent repeat business because we’re more than just a conveying systems manufacturer – we’re a business partner. 

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