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Top En-Masse Design Elements for Ash Handling

Designing the conveyor from the inside out is a great method when engineering a piece of equipment.

The full application and site details are collected, then the design work can begin with selecting the optimum chain for the application. Once the chain is chosen, the frame and components are then designed around it. That was the case for a new electric power generating facility that was using poultry litter as its energy source.

They contracted a third party to handle the ash from the plant, both bottom and fly, and transport the materials to a warehouse on the neighboring property. The third party would then process the ash that was nutrient rich due to the burn process, and sell it as fertilizer. To convey the fertilizer, this third party contractor needed to enlist the experts to engineer a conveyor that would transport this material.

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Critical elements of the conveyor(s) would need to be that it offer longevity, with minimal maintenance, and virtually no unplanned downtime. If the conveyors were down, the third party contractor could not collect the ash and produce fertilizer for resale and the power plant would be shut down due to ash build-up.

An objective that should be considered when searching for a conveyor for ash handling, particularly when searching for an En-Masse conveyor, is conveying distance. Because ash is an abrasive product the best way to ensure long-term conveyor operation and durability are to design for minimal chain speed and maximum conveyor lengths.

Another important factor to consider when searching for a conveyor for ash handling is the design parameters. Specifically for En-Masse conveyors, they should engineer the conveyors to operate at minimal chain speed using a skeletal chain with lower chain weight and horsepower consumption.

In the example of the power generating facility and third party contractor, the number and size of the conveyors were minimal when compared to the requirements of other conveying technologies.

High volume capacity with the En-Masse and efficient utilization of space keeps the number and size of conveyors needed low, and saves thousands of dollars of ownership costs.

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