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Understanding the Process of Buying Customized Bulk Material Handling Equipment

There is no moment when you click Add to Cart with customized bulk material handling equipment.

And that’s a good thing.

Because customized conveying equipment is built specifically for your operation, there’s a little more to the process compared to buying a cookie-cutter model. Whether it’s providing research resources or letting you know what to expect requesting a quote, here’s a quick guide to the process of selecting long-lasting customized equipment.

Doing Your Research

The majority of industrial businesses do research before reaching out to a company. In fact, 75% of businesses say they are doing more pre-contact research and nearly 70% said they prefer doing their own research online.

That’s smart. We expect it.

Our website has plenty of information, including blogs covering industry topics, videos of how our equipment works and info sheets highlighting the benefits of our customized conveyor systems.

There are also two other important items for you to consider prior to reaching out to us:

This checklist provides valuable information that CDM uses to provide the necessary technical data for your particular application. These include nominal chain speeds, volumetric efficiencies, BHP requirements, etc.

This guide lists common minerals, production by-products, ingredients and their corresponding bulk density.

Reaching Out

Now that you’ve browsed some of CDM’s literature and information, you want to request a quote.

We understand people have different preferences for reaching out. That’s why we offer three options for starting the RFQ process.

Option 1: Give Us a Call

We call this one the “old-fashioned approach.” This is best if you have questions and you want to talk to an actual human. That’s one benefit of working with CDM: Call us and you get a person. What a concept.

Option 2: Fill Out the Generic RFQ Form

This option works best if you have a general idea of what you want – or if you are looking into multiple pieces of equipment – and would rather just send an email.

Option 3: Fill Out an Equipment-Specific RFQ PDF

This is the option if you know exactly what you want – including the specifications – and you want a fast-tracked RFQ. You download the PDF and either electronically fill it out or print it, fill it out by hand and then scan or fax it. After you’re finished, email it back to or fax it to 763-428-9701.

Hearing Back

Typically, whenever we get an RFQ, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to let you know we received it. In terms of the actual quote, you should get word around 5 business days – depending on the size and scope of the project, of course.

Getting Started

Now comes the fun part.

After we come to an agreement, we can get started doing what we do best: building long-lasting, customized equipment. Want to peek behind the curtain to see how that’s done? Check out our How It’s Made video to see all the painstaking steps we go through to make your equipment a thing of beauty.


About CDM

The CDM story is about recognizing every industrial operation is different, as are their conveying challenges. A custom-engineered conveying system is a cost-effective approach to any operation willing to look at the value of having a partner who is vested in your success and one who stands by their product. CDM has earned more than 91 percent repeat business because we’re more than just a conveying systems manufacturer – we’re a business partner.

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