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CDM Systems Bucket Elevator Animation Video

CDM. When moving material matters.

CDM Bucket Elevators are available in both continuous or centrifugal discharge, in belt or chain to best suit your specific application.

Our experts can customize your bucket elevator by using your existing standards to streamline maintenance and inventory.

The head section of the bucket elevator features either an internal or external backstop to prevent reverse rotation due to loss of drive. There are several inspection doors located throughout the bucket elevator to allow for simple observation, maintenance and adjustment.

Bucket elevators are available in either belt or chain and our buckets are available in a variety of materials.

The elevator features a steel casing with reinforced, integral formed corners for a self-supporting, free-standing piece of equipment.

The inlet chute found in the boot of the bucket elevator feeds material into the buckets.

In centrifugal bucket elevators, inlets can feed either on the down-leg or up-leg side. A direct feed on the up-leg side of the elevator loads the buckets in continuous bucket elevators.

Our Elevators feature a split removable hood and inspection hatch for easy maintenance and installation of the chain and sprockets. The drive package can be customized with your current standards to reduce the number of SKUs.

The head sprocket assembly features teeth that are induction hardened and replaceable in segments. Heavy-duty, outboard spherical roller bearings are also used.

Our Elevators come standard with an Internal Gravity Take-up, proven to be more reliable and safer because all moving elements are inside and require less maintenance due to the ability to self-monitor. This prevents potential leaking making it a cleaner option, too. Manual Take-up is available on request.

Safety instrumentation is standard in CDM Bucket Elevators. The bucket elevator also comes with heavy-duty take-up frames and removable boot panels for sprocket or pulley maintenance.

Visit our website or contact us today to request a quote for a bucket elevator built with the industry’s most rugged, reliable components.