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How an En-Masse Conveyor Can Pay You Back in the Pulp and Paper Industry

We understand the importance of having a conveyor you can not only trust to last in the harshest of conditions, but also to perform and allow you to hit your production goals by minimizing downtime.

A pulp and paper mill in Pennsylvania was struggling with the subsequent costs of frequent downtime plaguing them due to the nature of their product corroding their conveyors.

Corrosive Nature of Product Destroying Conveyors

The vapor that would arise from the salt cake handling system caused corrosion to the housing, drive assembly, and chain of the conveyor. This caused high maintenance requirements and frequent unplanned downtime.

Choosing the Right Conveyor That Meets Strict Specifications

The mill concluded there needed to be a change with their current conveyors, so they contacted CDM Systems. CDM had to work within the tight budget and timeline for repair or replacement of the En-Masse Conveyors. CDM decided the best solution would be to retrofit the existing conveyors fabricated from a stainless steel housing, while keeping the chain speed at a minimum to reduce wear.

Another vital piece to keeping costs down for the pulp and paper manufacturer was to ensure that there would be component standardization.

Results Realized

The retrofit of these En-Masse Conveyors allowed the company to eradicate the issues they had with the deterioration of the equipment, which ensured longevity and more uptime. All this provided a positive return in less than one year.


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