Rely on CDM Conveyors to Fuel Your Operation While Reducing Your Natural Gas Bill

In an industry that is always evolving, often challenged by environmental regulations and heavily affected by rising natural gas prices, you can rely on CDM conveying systems to be your constant year after year.

When you’re unable to remove ash from or deliver hog fuel to your boiler because your conveyor goes down, your operation is forced to switch to costly natural gas. Less downtime means a nearly non-existent natural gas bill. And when you’re already operating on razor-thin margins, it is critical to keep your conveyors moving so you’re not forced to switch your operation to natural gas.


$3.05 per million BTU

The average cost of natural gas per million BTU over the past 12 months (Jul '18 - Jun '19) was more than 3 dollars.

CDM’s custom conveying system designs are available for any size pulp & paper operation and any type of material being handled such as hog fuel, wood waste, ash, wood chips, bark and more.

Each of our equipment solutions offer flexible chain and belt formulas plus high-quality construction materials and workmanship. These features help pulp & paper producers:

Excessive Abrasion and Corrosion
Lower Natural Gas Costs
Production Shutdowns
Reduce Production Shutdowns
Lost Profits
Protect Razor-Thin Margins

CDM offers several types of conveying equipment for the unique operational needs of the pulp and paper industry.

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