Pulp and Paper

Consistent, Reliable Material Handling. Your Business Depends on It. CDM Drag Chain Conveyors Deliver It.

Only the strong survive in an industry founded on natural resources, challenged by environmental regulations, consolidated by global influences, and tattered by technology. But it takes more than brute strength to successfully manage demanding bulk material handling applications. A thorough business analysis of every aspect of operations – especially your drag chain conveyors – is critical to your bottom line.

Among the most important purchasing decisions you’ll have to make involves your facility’s material handling equipment. Choose your conveying systems wisely and you’re likely to experience years of around-the-clock service with minimal downtime. Partnering with a conveyor manufacturer that understands your industry’s unique challenges is the first step toward making the right decision with your material handling equipment.

Don’t fail to reach your operational goals because your drag chain conveyors are substandard. Choose the best material handling equipment for your boiler feedstock, your raw and recycled materials and everything in between. Choose CDM.

CDM has worked in Pulp and Paper for more than 40 years. We design drag chain conveyors for all of the bulk material handling applications in your plant – from the bottom ash in your boiler to the recycled material in your hydro-pulper. The dependability and reliability of CDM drag chain conveyors is a direct result of our decades of industry expertise combined with a complete understanding of your specific application before we design your conveying system.

For example, one of our Pulp and Paper partners in Pennsylvania experienced extensive issues with its salt cake conveying system due to the corrosive vapor that was generated when the cake was introduced to a black liquor tank. Corrosion and subsequent failure of the bulk material handling system resulted in high maintenance requirements and frequent downtime. CDM’s engineering team performed an extensive evaluation of the plant’s operating conditions and proposed a retrofit solution that conformed to management’s tight budget and timeline for repair or replacement. The cost of the equipment and the installation measured against the increased uptime and reduced maintenance costs provided a positive return on the project in less than 12 months.

These are general equipment selection guidelines only. Contact a CDM expert to discuss the best options for your specific application.

Drag Chain Conveyor:

  • Distances greater than 20 feet
  • Handling inconsistent material sizes
  • Horizontal and steep incline conveying
Screw Conveyor:

  • Distances less than 25 feet
  • Handling consistent material sizes
  • Horizontal and shallow incline conveying
Continuous Bucket Elevator:

  • Handling higher volumes of abrasive material such as wood waste or ash
  • Moving material on the back end of the process
  • Vertical and high-lift, high-capacity conveying
Centrifugal Bucket Elevator:

  • Handling low volumes of non-abrasive material such as fuel
  • Moving material on the front end of the process
  • Vertical and high-lift, high-capacity conveying

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