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Conveyor Data Checklist

With this information, CDM can provide you with the necessary technical data for your particular application, including nominal chain speeds, volumetric efficiencies, BHP requirements, and nominal construction techniques.

1. Horizontal length of conveyor
2. Inclined length and degree of conveyor
3. Vertical height (rise) of conveyor
4. Hourly capacity required
5. Material being handled
6. Bulk density of material
7. Product granulation size
8. Abrasive/corrosive /hygroscopic qualities
9. Product temperature at inlet
10. Is gas/vapor tight conveyor required?
11. Hours of service per 24 hour day
12. Installation location
13. Physical limitations or restrictions
14. Number of inlets to conveyor
15. Metered or choke feed?
16. Number of discharges in conveyor
17. Is end discharge open?
18. Are intermediate gates required?