Gates, Valves and Diverters

Control the Flow of Your Bulk Material and Direct It to Different Process Streams

Today’s bulk material handling operations require maximum versatility from their conveying systems. The option to stop material flow or send it to two or more discharge points on the fly is essential, as is the ability to resist corrosion and abrasion – all while making the most of existing plant space. CDM gates, valves and diverters enable our material handling systems to meet all of these requirements while also eliminating dust, harmful emissions and product loss.

Custom Solutions for Specific Applications

All CDM slide gates, valves and diverters can be manufactured in standard and custom configurations to suit your specific process and plant requirements. Ideal for a variety of industries including chemical, cement, coal, sand, grain, minerals and mining, our slide gates and diverters provide useful solutions for any heavy-duty application that requires adjustable material flow and easy maintenance.

Slide Gates

These material handling equipment components allow conveyor operators to adjust the movement of relatively free-flowing granular materials from completely shut off to full flow and anywhere in between. Slide plates are fabricated from your choice of material to suit your specific commodity. They slide open or closed inside a rigid, completely sealed frame against the flow of material. The plate can be moved manually, electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically.

Our slide gates offer many benefits, including reducing downtime by stopping material flow temporarily to facilitate maintenance, and allowing a more efficient plant layout by creating multiple intermediate discharge points. Inlet or intermediate discharge locations can provide metering through the use of linear actuators, or hydraulic or pneumatic transducers, to make a gate a reliable metering device.

Slide Gate Gallery
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Also known as diverter valves, diverters control the flow of bulk material from one location to another. They have one inlet flange and multiple outlet flanges and use an actuating blade or basket/pan to divert bulk material to the operator’s chosen discharge point. Using diverters in a material handling system allows for greater flexibility in the design of your plant as well as your process.

Like our slide gates, our diverters offer manual, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic operation and can be fabricated from materials best suited to the commodities being handled. They are completely sealed to contain dust while minimizing material waste.

Basket/Pan Diverter Gallery
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Clamshell Valves

These valves can be easily adapted to various pieces of equipment and work well for unrestricted flow of product where sealing to downstream equipment is not required. Available in single- and dual-acting configurations, clamshell valves work best as simple open/closed valves. They can also be provided with electric linear actuators or hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders with transducers to provide modulating capabilities as well as a regulated or metered feed.

Commonly used for loadout to truck or railcar as well as under bins or silos, clamshell valves are a cost-effective alternative to larger rectangular slide gates. As with all CDM equipment, the choice of construction materials ensures that the design and functionality suit each specific application.