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Retrofit Conveyors

Safe, Reliable, Cost Effective Retrofit Drag Chain Conveyors that Function Like New

Wear on conveyors is inevitable. Conveyors are mechanical and function with moving components sometimes carrying abrasive or corrosive material in a dynamic environment. As plant conditions change and grow to meet the needs of the marketplace, operating requirements of a conveyor need to be adjusted to meet the new production goals. On occasion, a conveyor is misapplied or incorrectly sized in the design phase of a capital project. When the conveyor is put into operation, it fails to meet capacity or reliability requirements. For all of these reasons, CDM has worked with customers around the world to retrofit existing conveyor units to make them the safe, functional, and reliable pieces of equipment that they are intended to be.

Our engineering team can redesign a conveyor to fit your application needs. Our experienced staff will evaluate your goals and restrictions and provide a plan for a cost-effective conveyor retrofit.

Application Experience

Retrofit Conveyor

Applications In Review

En-Masse Twin Chain Retrofit Gets a Brazilian Wood Products Manufacturer Running at Full Capacity

CHALLENGE: Poor design and sizing of the existing conveyors complicated by incorrect flight selection meant the conveyors could not handle the required loads or the characteristics of the material. The material handling challenges lead to conveyor failure and unplanned downtime.

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Pulp and Paper Mill Cuts Maintenance Costs and Improves Operations with Salt Cake Conveyor Redesign

CHALLENGE: A Pulp & Paper facility in Northwestern Pennsylvania had extensive issues with conveyor corrosion and subsequent failure on the salt cake handling system due to the corrosive vapor that was generated when the cake was introduced to a black liquor tank. The corrosion led to high maintenance requirements and frequent downtime due to corresponding failure.

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