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Fast and Efficient Bulk Material Transfer for Ship Loading and Unloading

CDM Marine Leg Ship UnloaderFluctuations in commodity prices due to supply variations and softening economic fundamentals raises the importance of increasing transfer rates from vessels, as faster turnaround times require higher output volumes and the opportunity for commodity sellers to lower their operating costs. The longer you have a vessel unloading the less volume of material being sold.

Port and Terminal operations are optimized with mechanical Mobile Marine Leg Unloaders. The CDM Mobile Marine Leg Unloaders use the proven En-Masse conveying technology and exclusive Drop-Forged Chain design providing 24/7 reliable service coupled with the ability to move up to 700 TPH for a single unit. The En-Masse principal used in our unloaders is the key to reliable, fast material unloading. The En-Masse conveying system virtually eliminates horizontal or lateral misalignment; which is inherent in bucket style unloaders. This means faster material movement and reduced operating costs.

CDM Marine Leg Ship Unloader

Mobile ship unloaders offer many benefits over stationary units:

  • They are not susceptible to horizontal or lateral misalignment as bucket style units are, and will operate at angles from horizontal through vertical.
  • Mobile Unloaders are offered in eight standard sizes with capacities from 150-700 MTPH peak digging.
  • These mechanical unloaders are by far one of the most efficient unloading systems, due to their continuous column of product flow.
  • Multiple units working one vessel provides a more even draw-down of the vessel, which translates into better hourly unloading averages than larger single stationary units.
  • Vessel shifting is also minimized when compared to fixed tower stationary units.
  • They are totally mobile and can be moved to different locals, on board the vessel, or by truck.
  • CDM Mobile units are designed to be handled by auxiliary shore cranes, or the ships gear. In many cases, several units can be applied to your operation and will not exceed the initial investment of one single larger stationary tower unit.

These are general equipment selection guidelines only. Contact a CDM expert to discuss the best options for your specific application.

Drag Chain Conveyor:

  • Any distance
  • Handling high volumes of less-abrasive material
  • Horizontal and steep incline conveying
  • Distribution

Screw Conveyor:

  • Handling material in flood feed or metering applications
  • Horizontal and shallow incline conveying

Continuous Bucket Elevator:

  • Not typically warranted for this industry

Centrifugal Bucket Elevator:

  • Handling high volumes of less-abrasive, free-flowing material
  • Vertical and high-lift, high-capacity conveying

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