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Coal Combustion Residuals Management

Superior Material Handling Equipment and Systems to Support Your CCR Requirements

CDM designs and manufactures reliable, sealed drag chain conveyors that are custom engineered to handle the aggressive characteristics of coal ash in your application.

From dry ash handling for fly and bottom ash to wet ash handling from boiler or slurry systems, CDM will build what you need.

Drag chain conveyors are used almost exclusively for bottom ash material handling. CDM’s depth of experience in working with power generators and engineering and construction firms (E&Cs) assures that the design and reliability of your drag chain conveyors will support EPA compliance for coal combustion residuals management.

Global Expertise You Can Count On

CDM has designed, built and implemented drag chain conveyors and other material handling equipment for a variety of power generators around the world, including:

  • Connecticut Light & Power
  • Covanta
  • Delano Energy
  • East Kentucky Power
  • Florida Light & Power
  • Hong Kong Power
  • Honolulu Power
  • Koda Energy
  • Powder River Power
  • SaskPower
  • Tampa Electric
  • Weststar
  • Xcel Energy