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Moderate Duty Drag Conveyors

Affordable, Dependable Material Handling Equipment for Less Demanding Applications

Not every operation deals with materials like potash, glass, ash, fertilizer, or petcoke. If your material handling needs do not require a heavy or severe duty solution, our moderate duty drag chain conveyors offer excellent value at a more affordable price with no compromises in custom engineering, durability or dependability.

Some of the material types and operating conditions that might call for a moderate duty drag chain conveyor are:

  • Fewer than 8-12 operating hours per day
  • Temperatures less than 300°F (149°C)
  • Material that is free-flowing and not sluggish
  • Material that is mildly abrasive and/or corrosive
  • Capacity less than 6500 ft3/hr

Like the heavy duty version, CDM’s moderate duty drag chain conveyors offer the most efficient bulk material handling solution for high-volume conveying. When configured horizontally, they utilize up to 90% of the cross-sectional area. Other configurations are possible as well – including vertical, inclined, Loop, Z-path, and L-path – which makes these conveyors a versatile option for a variety of new applications, retrofits, and facilities with confined areas.

Our moderate duty drag chain conveyors require a smaller footprint to move the same or greater capacities of bulk materials compared to other conveying equipment. They can move tons of material per hour over relatively great distances in a dust-tight, AR-steel casing. They also minimize operating costs with very efficient horsepower consumption, which contributes to their ability to convey bulk materials smoothly and gently with no degradation or internal.

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