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Drag Conveyors Engineered for OEMs

Your Name on the Outside, Our Years of Drag Conveyor Experience and Quality Chain on the Inside


We all know how competitive capital projects can be. Many decision-makers in bulk material handling applications do not appreciate the value of well-designed and well-built drag conveyors until their existing conveying systems fail to perform to the specified standards. As a result, they cannot meet production capacity.

Your customers trust that when your name is on the housing of your conveying system, the components inside of those drag conveyors will be able to deliver on their production demands. For decades CDM has been a trusted partner; working hand in hand with our OEM customers to deliver top quality private label conveyor systems and chain designed and built to suit. Our OEM customers trust us to provide them durable conveying systems outfitted with the strongest, longest lasting chain in the bulk material handling industry.

Save the time, cost, and hassle of engineering the conveyor system or chain yourself. We have leveraged decades of experience with drag conveyors and bulk material handling applications to perfect our chain formula, which combines a hard outer casing with a softer, malleable core. This exclusive formula balances chemistry, micro-structure and heat-treating to make the chain extremely durable and dependable in all types of operating environments. The reliability is in the design, the proof is in the longevity.

Our chain production levels are high, which makes our prices competitive, and volume-based negotiated rates are always an option. Our assemblies are engineered to order and can be used in new drag conveyors and retrofit applications all built with your name on the outside. Contact us today to request a quote for the implementation of a private label CDM conveying system for your OEM operation.