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CDM Systems, Inc. Announces Partnership with Bulk Material Handling

ELK RIVER, Minnesota, January 31, 2023 — CDM Systems Inc., a nationwide leader in the design and manufacture of conveying equipment, is pleased to announce a partnership with Bulk Material Handling (BMH), a manufacturer of material handling equipment serving many industries. “We are very excited to welcome BMH to the CDM team,” said CDM Systems President, Andrew Parker. “Their experience […]

En-Masse Drag Conveyor Improves Glass Cullet Delivery for a Processor

Elk River, MN – CDM Systems, Inc., an industry leader in the design and manufacturer of En-Masse Drag Chain and Conveyors, worked with a small Biomass power producer to achieve consistent and reliable power to customers. The En-Masse conveyor technology by CDM is designed to handle high loads with a relatively small footprint. This mass flow-to-foot print ratio is possible […]

Replacement Drag Chain Provides Utilities and Processors a Cost-Effective Method of Conveyor Upgrade

Elk River, MN – CDM Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of heavy-duty engineered En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyors for more than 40 years, offers replacement drag chain assemblies for all types of en-masse and chain drag type conveyors. The replacement chain is designed and built to the specifications of the existing conveyor and the material conveyed. The chain and flight assembly is […]

Mobile Marine Legs Provide Safe, Reliable Off-Load and Operating Cost Savings

Elk River, MN – Mobile Marine Legs from CDM Systems, Inc., couple the benefits of high capacity, efficiency, and durability of the En-Masse conveying principles with the versatility of un-loading mobility. These features produce the most effective equipment for port or river bulk cargo unloading. Single-leg Mobile Marine Unloaders provide peek digging capacities from 150 to 700 MTPH. Mobile Marine […]

Heavy-Duty En-Masse Conveyors are Engineered to Handle Aggressive Materials for 24/7 Operation

Elk River, MN – CDM Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty En-Masse conveyors and systems, features drop-forged chain and conveyor designs for aggressive applications. Also known as Drag conveyors, En-Masse conveyors offer the best in conveying technology due to the efficient size to capacity ratio, the ability to convey in multiple directions, the capability to handle abrasive material without […]

KMC Global Acquires CDM Systems, INC.

Kalamazoo, MI – KMC Global, the parent company of PRAB, Inc., announced the acquisition of CDM Systems, Inc., headquartered in Elk River, Minnesota. CDM Systems is a premier manufacturer of custom en-masse conveyors and marine leg ship unloaders. CDM Systems is recognized for heavy duty, large volume en-masse conveyors that operate in extreme conditions without fail. The conveyors are made […]