Maximizing Production and Profits for Your Operation

Unplanned downtime from conveyor breakdowns often results in millions of dollars lost.

With high per-ton prices on key fertilizer products like urea and monoammonium/diammonium phosphates, you don’t want to risk any profit loss due to inefficient or failed conveying equipment.

$100,000+ per hour
Unplanned downtime from equipment failure can cause a medium-sized fertilizer operation to easily lose hundreds of thousands, and potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue every day. Download our white paper to learn how to reduce downtime and increase your fertilizer operation’s profits.

CDM designs custom conveying systems for any size fertilizer operation and any type of material such as urea, ammonium sulfate, phosphate and more.

Our conveyors and chain formulas are built to last – constructed to withstand the rigors of fertilizer production. This minimizes (or flat-out eliminates) these costly effects of downtime:

Increased maintenance costs
Reduced Operational Life
Production Shutdowns
Lost Profits
Position your fertilizer operation to succeed with a CDM conveying system that improves production and eliminates unplanned downtime.

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