Custom-Built Conveyors for the Unique Material Handling Challenges of the Potash Industry

In the potash industry, quality product is what drives business growth. The profitability of your milling operation depends on safe, reliable, and long-lasting material handling equipment. For more than 40 years, CDM has been the trusted supplier of bulk material handling solutions to the potash industry.

To move this type of material efficiently and effectively, En-Masse conveyors offer many advantages over other types of conveying technologies:

  • Totally Enclosed – En-Masse conveyors mitigate dusting, keep plants clean and safe, and protect product integrity.
  • High Temperature – CDM En-Masse Conveying Systems can handle operating temperatures up to 1,000°F.
  • Layout Configuration – From intermediate discharge points to L- and Z-path configurations, CDM En-Masse Conveying Systems offer multiple cost-effective layout options.
  • Speed & Operation – The En-Masse conveying principle is based on moving large volumes of material at a low operating speed for minimal product degradation during the conveying process.
  • Small Footprint – Unlike other conveying types, En-Masse has an efficient use of space to capacity ratio.
  • Low Maintenance – CDM En-Masse Conveying Systems have only two lubrication points. The completely bolted construction allows for easy access and quick, safe replacement of wear items.
  • Capacity & Standardization – CDM conveyors can handle capacities from 1 TPH to +1500 TPH and provide standardization on key components
  • Long Life – Depending on the application, En-Masse conveyors will provide 4 to 10 years of handling dry potash on a single chain.

No other en-masse or drag conveyor company has worked harder for potash manufacturers then CDM. We have spent decades working with almost every major Potash, SOP, and Fertilizer manufacturer in North and South America and our experience shows. We can equip our En-Masse conveyors with any of the following material handling features to meet your specific industry requirements and budget:

We equip our conveyors with the following features to meet your specific requirements and budget.

  • CDM’s 55-60 HRc case-hardened Drop-Forged Drag Chain
  • Kick-out / plug chute detector (safety end flap)
  • Packing gland shaft seals
  • Replaceable wear rails for the chain (400BHN A.R.S. for “dry” and ceramic for “wet” conveyors).
  • 316L S.S. construction for “wet” potash applications
  • Noise dampening coatings available
  • Heat retention / insulating coatings available
  • Expansion supports for high-temperature conveyors
  • “Potash duty” reducers or client-specified reducers to ensure standardization
  • Taconite seals on “wet” conveyors

These are general equipment selection guidelines only. Contact a CDM expert to discuss the best options for your specific application.

Drag Chain Conveyor:

  • Distances greater than 20 feet
  • Handling moderately abrasive and corrosive material
  • Minimal product degradation
  • Horizontal and steep incline conveying
Screw Conveyor:

  • Distances less than 20 feet
  • Handling less-abrasive, non-corrosive material
  • Horizontal conveying
Continuous Bucket Elevator:

  • Producing granular material
  • Vertical and high-lift, high-capacity conveying
Centrifugal Bucket Elevator:

  • Producing non-granular material
  • Vertical and high-lift, high-capacity conveying

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