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En-Masse Drag Conveyor Improves Glass Cullet Delivery for a Processor

Elk River, MN – CDM Systems, Inc., an industry leader in the design and manufacturer of En-Masse Drag Chain and Conveyors, worked with a small Biomass power producer to achieve consistent and reliable power to customers.

The En-Masse conveyor technology by CDM is designed to handle high loads with a relatively small footprint. This mass flow-to-foot print ratio is possible due to the operating principal of the En-Masse conveyor, the most efficient use of space to conveying ratio of all conveyor types. Previous to the En-Masse Conveying System, a Biomass Power Producer struggled with a conveyor system for their boiler feedstock that was inefficient and unreliable.

“We commonly see conveyors misapplied, undersized, or poorly laid out,” notes Andrew Parker, CDM Vice President. The common conveyor misapplications put undue wear on the chain assembly and drive causing premature failure and an inability to meet feed rates. “En-Masse conveyors are the ideal choice for conveying a wide range of Biomass feedstocks because of their layout flexibility, ability to handle high flow rates, and sealed housing. In the case of Biomass power generation, the En-Masse is also built to handle operating temperatures in excesses of 1,000 deg F (540 deg C),” states Parker.

En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyors are engineered for 24/7 standard and heavy-duty industrial material handling. Many flight options and layout designs make the En-Masse the idea choice for material movement throughout a plant; from receiving, through distribution and process, to ash collection.