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New CDM Bulk Material Handling Equipment Available for Several Industries

We’ve recently added six new products to our bulk material handling equipment lineup.

Here at CDM, we always strive to provide exactly what our customers need to do their work safely and efficiently. Now we can deliver even more robust, reliable conveying equipment for applications across different industries – along with the same dedicated service our customers have come to expect from us.

Increase Output with a Reliable Belt Conveyor Tailored to Your Facility

Belt Conveyors

Our versatile belt conveyors are designed for your facility and engineered for high-capacity material transfer. Each belt conveyor system helps your operation increase production and output.

Flexible Sidewall Belt Conveyors

For elevated conveying, our flexible sidewall belt conveyors allow you to increase load capacity while reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Stacking Conveyors

Our stacking conveyors are custom built to efficiently move abrasive or corrosive material in large quantities. Each CDM heavy-duty stacker is engineered for applications in construction, mining, pulp & paper and other industries.


Need to stack and retrieve material? We’ve got you covered. Our stacker-reclaimers are built for your capacity goals with the reliability you need to keep all your big jobs moving forward.

Metering Bins

Our custom-built, mass flow metering bins meet the size and surge capacity you need. CDM metering bins deliver consistent feeds and burn rates of difficult material in several industries.

Apron Conveyors & Feeders

Our apron conveyors and feeders are built to handle hot, jagged or abrasive material. If you need to transfer heavy scrap, aggregate, coal or other material in varying consistencies, our apron systems are built for dependable 24/7 operation.