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Discover the Benefits of the Durable Coating Process for Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Sandblasting and painting add more to bulk material handling equipment than just cosmetic benefits. There’s a lot going on during these all-important steps that not only adds to the appearance, but also can help extend the equipment’s lifespan.

These steps are important in fighting the corrosion, abrasion, UV, etc. that could eventually wreak havoc on the equipment. Sandblasting removes all the oils, greases, mill scale and other impurities that are on the steel from the manufacturing process and fabrication of the equipment.

Here’s a short video on our sandblasting and painting process. To see how our projects are completed from start to finish, watch this video.

These are some frequently asked questions regarding the sandblasting and painting process.

When in the manufacturing process does CDM sandblast and paint?

After we assemble the equipment in its entirety with an Inspection Test Plan for a thorough QA/QC, we disassemble it and begin the sandblasting and painting process.

What exactly happens during sandblasting?

Individual parts of the equipment are brought into our sandblasting room and one of our experts uses compressed air to blast a stream of air and specific media (depending on what kind of steel you’re using and coating process is going to be applied) onto the steel in order to clean and prepare the surface to the correct profile to provide proper adhesion of the coating(s).

Sandblasting room?

We have an indoor facility that we do our sandblasting in. That’s important because it prevents the equipment from coming into contact with environmental contamination – such as moisture and humidity.

By keeping it indoors, we maintain the ideal environment for the equipment and can transfer the prepped equipment directly into paint.

What are the benefits of sandblasting?

It helps clean the surface of any contaminants and provides a proper surface profile. This is important because it allows the paint coatings to adhere better and ensures surfaces are from of contaminants (mill scale, weld spatter, rust bloom, etc.) that could compromise the coating’s success.

When we sandblast equipment, we record detail about it – temperature, humidity, media used, surface profile. Within one day, to ensure there’s no rust bloom, it goes right into paint, so you’re getting a quality application and adhesion.

 In terms of painting, what color is the equipment when it’s shipped?

CDM default color selection is a light machinery grey, as it is suitable for a wide array of different applications.

 The standard color is a light grey, however, pending upon the paint system being used we can certainly provide custom colors to suit your facility standards.

What if I specifically want my company’s color? I don’t want it to be blue, I want it to be CDM Blue. How does that work?

Paint specifications have become more prevalent over the years. We can paint to suit.

For more standard enamel or polyurethane coating, we can color suit based on RAL or Pantone color code.

We’ll match the color within reason, however the paint specification is going to allow us to color match or not. If it’s a high-temperature application that gets up to 1,000 degrees (F), unfortunately we don’t have color choices.

Does the coating offer any benefits, other than looking nice?

Absolutely. The paint has properties that help prevent corrosion and abrasion, to make the equipment as long-lasting as possible. For conveyors that move high-temperature materials, we can use high-temperature, ceramic-based coatings that reduce the temperature of equipment surfaces.

CDM offers performance coatings that can provide insulating properties for touch temp as well as product temperature retention.


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