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Reliable Material Handling Designed for Your Project

For decades, CDM has proven to be an invaluable partner to a number of EPC firms when dealing with the material handling portions of their projects. We leverage our extensive experience to help EPC firms deliver the highest quality solutions to their clients; from preliminary layout and feasibility studies to designing, building, installation supervision, and training. Our material handling expertise can often find long-term cost savings and help to avoid critical design flaws that can prove costly for your clients.


An EPC firm recently contacted CDM to get pricing, technical data, and specifications on a conveyor to handle wood chips to feed downstream equipment. Although it seemed like a very straight forward application, further questioning of the end user determined that a conventional En-Masse or drag conveyor would not be suitable for the application, and instead it would require a CDM Underpile Reclaimer.

The EPC was required to change the layout a little to accommodate the equipment, but were able to do so with minimal redesign and cost. The result was a conveyor that made the application successful. While there was an increase in the project’s upfront cost when compared to a lower cost piece of equipment that would have failed and required extensive rework and plant layout, it was a great value.


CDM works together with the EPC firms to alleviate the burden of selecting the right piece of equipment for the application. Also ensuring that whatever piece of equipment is selected is also designed to be successful.

We encourage EPC firms to get CDM involved in the early stages of your projects. We can assist with layouts, configurations, and equipment specifications, and technical reviews. All based specifically upon the product being handled, the characteristics of the product, the operating environment, as well as the service life of the installation. Our results provide the end user with more dependable equipment that requires less maintenance, lower consumables turnover, with equipment arrangements that are move favorable and easier to maintain.

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