How an En-Masse Drag Conveyor Allows You to Run At Full Capacity While Eliminating Downtime

During the design and engineering process it’s crucial to have a firm grasp of the characteristics of your materials and capabilities of your equipment. If you choose the wrong type of equipment to move your material (especially abrasive, corrosive, or high-temperature material) you could face higher than expected maintenance costs to replace prematurely warn parts or even catastrophic failure resulting […]

Case Study: Wood Products Manufacturer

En-Masse Twin Chain Retrofit Gets a Brazilian Wood Products Manufacturer Running at Full Capacity CHALLENGE Poor design and sizing of the existing conveyors complicated by incorrect flight selection meant the conveyors could not handle the required loads or the characteristics of the material. The material handling challenges lead to conveyor failure and unplanned downtime. PRODUCTS UTILIZED Drop-Forged Chain […]

Tech Brief: Coal Material Handling

Effective Coal Material Handling from Distribution to Receiving En-Masse Drag Chain Conveying technology offers advantages to other conveying types for coal handling due to the effective utilization of space, totally enclosed housing, and the ability to operate effectively horizontally or vertically. DOWNLOAD PDF Move More with Less Space Coal suppliers understand the importance of effectively moving material off ship and […]