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Choosing the Right Conveyor to Solve Feedstock Handling Challenges

A small power producer needed to supply a nearby malting facility with its electricity and heating needs. However, the power producer was struggling to do so due to unexpected downtime and poor material distribution due to the current conveyors at the facility. Material flow issues were due to the shortcomings of the layout and plant design. The original conveyor(s) were […]

Top En-Masse Design Elements for Ash Handling

Designing the conveyor from the inside out is a great method when engineering a piece of equipment. The full application and site details are collected, then the design work can begin with selecting the optimum chain for the application. Once the chain is chosen, the frame and components are then designed around it. That was the case for a new […]

Understanding the Differences Between a Paddle Drag Conveyor and an En-Masse Drag Conveyor

There are many different types of chain conveyors on the market, all of which start out with a continuous chain and fixed flights that operate within an enclosed trough. The word “drag” encompasses all styles such as scraper, paddle, or En-Masse because each type of conveyance moves the chain and product by dragging it forward. The paddle drag conveyors work […]

What Are the Most Efficient Conveying Technologies for Bulk Material Handling?

There are many different conveying technologies available. To be educated on the distinct types and the best markets for which they are efficiently utilized is the first step. Below are the different types of conveyors used for bulk material handling and the advantages and disadvantages. Want to skip ahead? Click here to download the full technical brief by an industry-leading […]